The Management team, Residents and Staff of Westgate Aged Care would like to welcome you to our home.
This handbook will provide you and your relatives/representatives with information relating to our service and to answer many of the questions you may have. We urge you to keep this in a safe place so you can use it as a handy reference guide. Please note that if there appears to be any discrepancy between this information and your resident agreement, the resident agreement will take precedence.

All staff at Westgate Aged care aim to provide you with the highest level of personal and recreational care in a friendly, supportive and home-like environment, while providing a sense of security, privacy, companionship and comfort.

We encourage independence to whatever level possible and attainment of maximum satisfaction from life. We believe residents are entitled to the highest standard of care and recognize the rights, dignity and needs of the individual.


Westgate Aged Care aims to provide quality high-care residential services in a friendly, transparent and welcoming environment, with the goal of maximising the personal wellbeing of every individual living and working here.


Westgate Aged Care is determined to provide high-quality residential aged care through a partnership of residents, their representatives, employees, suppliers, the proprietors and the community. High quality care is achieved through our respect for the residents, their individual preferences, and our commitment to continuous improvement in every facet of our service.

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Finding the right aged care partner for your loved one is never easy. However, at Westgate Aged Care, we aim to make it as easy as possible. We’ll walk you through the process and help you identify if Westgate Aged Care is the best choice for you.